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John Di Lemme with John Adolfi

From Selling 30 Homes a Year to Over 350!

"John Di Lemme is not a real estate coach. He's a general practitioner who specializes in using old school principles that will catapult results for anyone, in any business or with any goal.

Since I started coaching with John, I went from selling just 30 homes a year to over 350 homes a year!"

John Di Lemme with Jeff Pryor

Closed Over 150 Sales with John Di Lemme’s Coaching…

"When I first met John Di Lemme, I wasn’t sure if I could trust him. Why? Because I spent thousands of dollars on other coaches with absolutely no results despite their promises. From the very beginning, John and his entire team stepped up to the plate and challenged me to push myself beyond what I thought was possible.

My life has transformed, and my business has exploded. Before coaching with John, I only had 4 sales. Now, I have over 150 sales! That’s incredible!"

John Di Lemme with Dr. Christa Krzeminski

Busiest Year in 21 Years!

"John Di Lemme’s closing and marketing strategies have really changed my life, and ultimately the lives of my patients. My business has grown four times, and this year was my busiest year in 21 years!

Plus I’ve written two books, and I’m currently developing my very own meal plans and have hired a professional chef to prepare the meals for my clients. It is just incredible!"

John Di Lemme with Mark Smith

My Business has Tripled & Quadrupled!

"I often tell people that John Di Lemme’s mentorship saved my life…it did! I can honestly say that my life was a mess, and my business was nearly nonexistent.

Since I started coaching with John and immersing myself in his teachings, my life has radically changed! I love my life! Plus my business has tripled and at times quadrupled. Plus I’ve generated over 10 Million Dollars in business!"

John Di Lemme with Carol Grant

My Business has Grown Over 1,000%!

"Since I've been coaching with John, I now know how to deliver extreme customer service to my clients, and my clients are confident in me. I am confident in myself and know I am worthy of success.

My marketing actually works and believe it or not, I do no advertising! My income has exploded, and my business has grown over 1,000%!"

John Di Lemme with Eric Chamberlain

Building My Own Million Dollar Business…

"What a difference a year of focused coaching with John Di Lemme made in my life. I can't even imagine my old life anymore, and I don't want to!

I went from driving a delivery truck making a few hundred dollars per week and cutting $35 lawns to building my own million dollar business. John opened my mind to an unimaginable future!"

John Di Lemme with Dr. Sandra Kahn

Earned the Most Income in 9 Years…

"Four years ago I was lost, confused, frustrated, and didn't know what to do next in my business. Through John's teachings and mentorship he has taught me how to build my self-belief, self-confidence, and self-worthiness and to accept who I truly am which lays the foundation to implement strategic marketing.

Plus I’ve earned the most income in my 9 years of my Oriental Medicine business as well as being in the best physical health in my life! John has built a caring, trusting, supportive, and safe community where we as his students can dream big and achieve our goals. John is an enthusiastic motivator and a marketing genius!"

John Di Lemme with David Hennemann

I'm Earning Thousands for My Expertise...

"I always thought that in order to build a successful business, I had to be super focused on making money. After all, that's what everyone else does. It didn't take me long to figure out that it didn't work, but I wasn't sure what else to do.

John Di Lemme not only helped me develop a plan of action to achieve my goals, but he also taught me that if I allowed my Why to drive me, then I could achieve anything. He's right! My results are absolutely mind-blowing! I'm actually earning thousands for my expertise that I used to provide for free. Unbelievable!"

John Di Lemme with Dr. Ira Bloomfield

My Income is the Highest Ever…

"John Di Lemme is the best business coach I have ever worked with. You cannot match the level of information, skill, and most of all integrity that you get with John. He will be tough when I need to hear it most and challenges me to be my best so that I can keep the edge that makes me the best in my profession.

My income since I've been coaching with John has been the highest of my 40+ year career as a medical professional. I recommend John entirely and without any reservation."

John Di Lemme with Hallie Minich

My Business is Up 5,000% and Growing!

"I have been in direct selling for 20+ years. Before John Di Lemme’s coaching, I simply did not know what I was doing. I was working really hard, but I was stuck and struggling.

With Coach Di Lemme’s strategic mentorship, my business is up 5,000% and growing! PLUS I am more confident about myself and opening long-term, profitable, life-changing relationships every day."

John Di Lemme with Lee Amody

Best Decision of My Life…

"Since I've been a coaching student and a member of the 17K Inner Circle Champion Mastermind Club, my results have been tremendous. John and his team are genuine and committed to my success.

I've had the best month ever in my business, and we continue to improve and go for bigger goals. Having John as my Coach is the best decision of my life. You simply cannot be out there alone and expect to live out your full potential. Thank you Coach! It's next level time!"

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